KLM’s Family Updates?

Because it’s not always easy to keep your friends and family updated during your travels, we created KLM Family Updates. With this service, we keep your loved ones informed about your flight.

Available on WhatsApp

KLM Family Updates lets you create a WhatsApp group in which KLM informs your friends and family about the status of your flight.


This is how it works


After receiving the boarding pass, KLM sends the customer the invitation to join the group.


KLM welcomes the passenger in the group chat, makes the passenger admin of the group and tells the passenger to go ahead and invite friends and family.


KLM welcomes the friends and family of the passenger in the group chat and explains them what Family Updates is about.


Friends and family can ask for the latest flight status, after which KLM responds with an update.


KLM informs the group when the airplane took off.


KLM informs the group again when the airplane arrived.