Price Alerts on Messenger

Your moment to fly, is when the price is right. Never miss it!

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Grab your mobile device and get started on Messenger. Get your flight when the price is right.

You have your favorite destination, but you want to fly there when the price is best. That’s why KLM now introduces Price Alerts. Just go to KLM on Messenger, set your price limit for a certain destination and you’ll get an alert as soon as the price is right for you. Try it out now!

What is Price Alerts?

KLM offers you a new service via Messenger: the Price Alerts Service. You select a destination and a desired price. When the ticket price of your selected destination drops below your desired price, we send you a personalized message in Messenger.

How does it work


Open KLM on Messenger and press Price Alerts in the menu.


Set your destination, desired price, preferred class and dates.


You can add multiple price alerts.


When the price is right you will receive a personalized message.