Terms & Conditions

Price Alert Terms and Conditions

KLM offers you a new service via Messenger: the Price Alerts Service. We send you a personalized message (the “Price Alert Message”) in Messenger when the ticket price of your selected destination drops below your desired ticket price as indicated in your Price Alert. Ticket price means the ticket price for a return ticket, including taxes and surcharges, but is excluding a booking fee (if applicable, in the Netherlands EUR. 10,-).

At KLM we find it important that you understand how this new Price Alert Service has been organized before you agree on the terms. Therefore we give you a short description below. Any questions? No problem. Ask away and contact us directly through Messenger, 24/7.

How does the service work?

Messenger Menu

By clicking on the Price Alert button within the KLM Messenger Menu you can start using this service.


The Price Alert Service can also start with an ad in Messenger or Facebook. In Messenger you will receive this ad because you already agreed upon receiving KLM flight info via Messenger at an earlier stage. Therefore we thought this might also be relevant for you.

If it’s not, just remove the ad by clicking on the ‘Manage’ button on top of the ad and choose ‘this is not relevant’.

Your data

If you click on the ad or te Price Alert button within the KLM Messenger Menu, a mini-website within Facebook Messenger pops up. You can set a price alert (the “Price Alert Message”) by filling out the price alert form in where you select a place of origin and a place of destination, a desired maximum ticket price and the period within which you would like to travel. You can set several Price Alerts.

The data you provide us is stored by KLM. These data will not be shared with Facebook or any other partner. Based on these data we are able to send out Price Alerts Messages that fits your Price Alert(s).

Send to Messenger button

The Price Alert Service is activated by agreeing on the Terms and Conditions and by clicking the ‘Send to messenger’ button. You agree on the Terms and Conditions by ticking the box at the bottom of the page. If you don’t tick the box or if you leave one of the required fields open (origin, destination and price), you are not able to click the ‘Send to Messenger’ button.

Manage you alerts

You receive a confirmation message in Messenger after you have set your Price Alert(s), which includes a button ‘Manage Price Alert(s)’. By clicking on this you can delete the Price Alert(s) which are still active.

Book a flight

When the ticket price of your preferred destination drops below your desired ticket price as indicated in your Price Alert, you receive a Price Alert Message, which contains a ‘Book now’.