Third Parties

Arrange your entire trip via KLM

KLM offers you the option to arrange your entire journey via Messenger. Book a hotel or apartment via, car or ground transport via Cartrawler or a trip on your destination via GetYourGuide. All you have to do is click on the relevant supplier, and choose the offer that is relevant for you. Your confirmation will be sent to you via the channels that the supplier offers. On top of that you can also receive a link of the confirmation via KLM Messenger, so that you have all arrangements for your trip in our thread, easy to find at the airport, at home, or at your destination.

Data sharing

KLM takes privacy very serious. Only if you decide to take a look at what our partners Cartrawler, and GetYourGuide have to offer, and click on ‘Yes’ in the Messenger carrousel, we will share the following data with them:

Based on these data, our partners, Cartrawler and GetYourGuide can offer you a relevant choice of accommodations, cars and tours & activities during your trip. KLM doesn’t share any other personal data with them. Our partners process any data of you in compliance with their privacy policy.

Legal aspects

If you decide to make use of the offers of Cartrawler, and/or GetYourGuide, you enter into a contract with these partners and/or with the underlying service providers for the specific service, including their terms and conditions. KLM is in no way responsible or liable for the execution of these services or for any claims arising therefrom. Please read the privacy statement of the relevant supplier to understand how the supplier processes your data.